Dear Alfresco Family, it is with great sadness that we are getting in touch today to announce that we will be postponing Alfresco Festival until summer 2021. The past week has been tense for us, our original plans had been approved last month, but recent developments in the Covid-19 situation mean that our Boutique Alfresco weekend can no longer go ahead. 

On Friday 31st July, the government announced the postponement of certain restrictions and enforced more lockdowns across the country. Despite working hard this weekend to try and make the festival work within new measures, the extra stipulations in the organising and infrastructure of the event means it has become impossible to carry on. 

We have always stated your well being and safety was paramount and until Friday afternoon we were truly on track to host an amazing and safe event for you all. However, we also needed the easing of restrictions to continue in a positive manner and Friday was a monumental step backwards. The extra planning and expense we went to to make this event happen has been quite exhausting, but we wanted to get the event on safely for all of you who have consistently supported us. 

Alfresco Festival has become more than just an ordinary weekend event. We are a tight-knit community, with familiar  family, friends and dancers returning year after year, ever since the early days at Blackpool cricket club. This one really hurts, but we know that when we get together in the woods next year, it will be all the more magical.

Even if we were to continue with this year’s event, the restrictions now in place would make this a shadow of what we were planning. More constraints were placed on us, including limited capacities on each stage, meaning that people would have missed out on acts they were there to see. We are also very wary that the event could have been closed down with no notice, as restrictions could get a lot worse at any moment. 

We have worked now for sixteen months to make this event happen for you all and we’re devastated to have had to make this call. It’s well documented how hard the festival and event industry has been affected this year and we feel for all the staff and infrastructure companies we have involved who make Alfresco Festival what it is. Our efforts now will all be aimed at making Alfresco Festival 2021 the best event we possibly can, with plans from this moment to be Covid friendly, hoping that in time normality resumes safely. 


All tickets will of course be valid for 2021 and we can announce that the dates for 2021 will be August 27th – 30th. If you can roll your tickets over for next year, it will give us the best opportunity to survive this tough situation and come back stronger. If you do want to retain your tickets for 2021, you can contact Skiddle from next Monday, August 10th who will update your ticket. For those that need a refund, they will be available within 28 days of this notice. 

Stay safe, stay strong, and we will see you in the trees in 2021.

Thanks from the Alfresco Team

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