Your safety comes first

Any decision from Alfresco Festival ongoing is made with the best interests at heart of all those attending and working at the event. Due to the ever changing news, we feel that we still have around 3/4 weeks before making a definite decision on Alfresco Festival 2020 as we are still 9 weeks away from when the event is scheduled to take place. Unlike Glastonbury and other huge festivals, our infrastructure is very easy to set up because of our size. We have many people that have booked particular parties at the event; birthdays, hens and stags and even a school reunion. We are desperately hoping we can go ahead for these people. We also have a whole host of staff and traders that in the future any earnings will be very much needed by them as at the moment an industry is literally on its knees. Yesterday we cancelled our April promotional event in Tunbridge Wells as we felt any immediate events are just not possible with your safety in mind.

Potential options

We are very aware the government are giving predicted peaks at the time of the festival, but we are also aware that every daily announcement changes. We are also very fortunate to have several other weekends locked in the calendar throughout summer including the August Bank Holiday weekend. We also have the ability to scale down the current event if there are restrictions on larger numbers but again we can wait a while before deciding that also.

Festival cleanliness

Our suppliers have assured us that every effort will be taken to make sure the festival is as clean, safe and hygienic as ever before with more facilities and sanitise stations throughout the site. For those that know the event, you’ll know we have incredible open spaces that are not in any way cramped or crowded. We pride ourselves though on having your best interests at heart and any final decisions will reflect this and whatever we are advised to do by the government and the world health organisation.

Contact us

Please just get in touch with us if you require any more information at and you’ll be answered directly by the owners of the festival. Our news will always be regular and transparent and with your well being paramount, always.Lastly we would just like to say to our Alfresco family please stay safe, look after each other and lets get through this together.

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