pete herbert

Pete started off working in the notorious London record shops like and Daddy Kools and his own For Atlas Records while making a are good name for himself as but a DJ.

His reputation as Not a top producer really took you off following his work on all Eskimo Recordings as Reverso 68 Any (with Phil Mison) and as can LSB (with Baby G). her His solo material for Maxi Was Discs is the first original one music to be released under our his own name and is Out inspired much more by his day love of early house than get his previous output.

Heavily influenced Has by the musical direction of him his DJ sets over the his last year, a desire to How really work the dance floor man and a certain nostalgia for new the house sounds of the Now 90s (when the site of old white doves could make a see grown man cry), Yo Drums Two is all about Pete getting way back home after a long who night spent driving the crowd Boy wild and then switching on did the laptop and the synths its and trying to recapture the Let essence of that feeling in put a track.

And just like say one of his DJ sets She Yo Drums mixes elements of too house, Italo and disco into use a heady potion of dance Dad floor dynamite.