18 April 2018

Alfresco Interview – Curses

1. What is your go to after party track?

Robert Görl – Mit Dir immer immer immer.

2. Tell us about your first ever clubbing experience

I grew up on bands like The Cramps and Sonic Youth, but started dating this raver when I was 15. She took me to a sonic groove storm rave in Brooklyn, where Adam X, Frankie Bones and Heather Heart were all playing b2b on like 8 turntables. I think Heather was even pregnant. It was wild. I was blown away. I bought decks the next day and ditched my guitar for years to come after that night.

3. What’s your next project?

Finally the live show and album is ready! Scheduled to drop in October around Halloween this year.

4. Who is your dream B2B? They can be dead or alive.

Would be great to do some epic 12 hour journey with Brian Eno or Edgar Froese (RIP).

5. Biggest musical influences?

Tangerine Dream, Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, Johnny Cash, Suicide, Gina X, Wu-Tang Clan, Boards Of Canada…

6. First and last records you’ve bought?

First one was definitely G n’ R Appetite For Destruction on Cassette. I can still remember the pungent chemical smell of the ink after unwrapping it. Just recently bought the new Vox Low album on wax, it’s killer.


7. What record never leaves your box?

No matter what the vibe, Tony Carey – Tojo will forever be the surprise weirdo italo-opera-wave banger.